Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Broken West LP Due on September 9

Great news - one of my favorite young bands, The Broken West, have set a September 9th release date for their second LP, entitled Now or Heaven. The band's debut album, I Can't Go On I'll Go On was my #6 album of 2007.

According to the Merge Records newsletter, "Now or Heaven originates from home, the longing to get there and all that comes from being there." Umm, ok.

I like this part better - "but despite everything, each song on Now or Heaven is infused with an immediate burst of catchy familiarity and unquenchable charm."

Now that's what I'm looking for. Can't wait to hear the album, and see the boys back on the road.

Tracklisting for Now or Heaven
1. Gwen, Now and Then
2. Auctioneer
3. Elm City
4. Ambuscade
5. Perfect Games
6. House of Lies
7. The Smartest Man Alive
8. Got It Bad
9. Terror for Two
10. Embassy Row

(Thanks to Matt for the heads up!)


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