Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Figgs News

Lots of news in the world of The Figgs - i.e., America's best rock and roll band that you're not listening to.

First up is a brand new solo album by guitarist/vocalist Mike Gent. The album, which is Mike's 3rd solo dis, is simply entitled Mike Gent, and comes out on February 17th. You can pre-order it here.

Mike Gent Track List

1. Leave My Capo Alone
2. (Romantic Needs Led To) False Alarms
3. Paper Knives
4. He's In The Bag
5. Haste & Wrath
6. Buried Me Alive
7. Alice the Goon
8. Little Yellow Eyes
9. Feeling Sound Yet
10. Stations Fading

And speaking of new albums, the band apparently has material for three new albums ready to go. According to their website, they'll be releasing an album sometime this summer, followed by a double album sometime in 2010.

Oh, and they also have a massive (for them) tour scheduled over the next month, starting Thursday night in Chicago. With no DC or NYC shows scheduled, I may have to try to get to Philly.

The Band Who Fight Themselves Tour
02/05: Chicago, IL - Shubas
02/06: Milwaukee, WI - Ground Zero
02/06: Milwaukee, WI - Linnemans
02/07: Madison, WI - Highnoon Saloon
02/08: Green Bay, WI - Eagles Club
02/08: Green Bay, WI - Oneida Casino
02/09: Green Bay, WI - Oneida Casino
02/09: Appleton, WI - The BFG
02/10: Green Bay, WI - Oneida Casino
03/06: Philadelphia, PA - The Blinkin Lincoln
03/07: Bordentown, NJ - The Record Collector (early show)
03/07: Long Branch, NJ - The Brighton Bar (late show)


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