Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tereu Tereu and Sean Walsh @ Black Cat, DC [1/28/09]

Sean Walsh and the National Reserve, "You Know"
Tereu Tereu, "Beyond The Coast"

Fantastic rock show last night.

I knew going in that Tereu Tereu would put on a good show. The last time I'd seen them (way too long ago, unfortunately), I'd been impressed with how fun their set was. And, in the interim, they'd released their excellent new album, All That Keeps Us Together. So my expectations were high, and they were met in full. The new songs sounded fantastic live, and despite being a tad under the weather, the band played with a ton of energy. If you're looking for the next hot, up-and-coming DC-area band, check these guys out ASAP.

While I expected a good set from TT, I wasn't sure what to expect from Sean Walsh and the National Reserve. I'd heard the name before, but the only songs I had heard were from their FREE 4-song sampler of songs from their forthcoming album, Homesick. I like the songs quite a bit, but feared that their live show might be a little on the boring side.

I was wrong. Very, very, very, very, very wrong. About once or twice a year, at best, I see a band and am blown off and completely taken off-guard as to how good they are. That's exactly what happened last night with SW&TNS. And I can't wait to see them again. Soon, please?

Edited to add: I actually forgot to mention the actual headliner of the show, Pree. Well, I actually only caught the first two songs from the band before I had to leave to catch the Metro. They seemed decent, though I'll need to hear more from the band before saying much more about them. Why can't DC clubs at least try to schedule things so that people can take the Metro? Or, heaven forbid, why can't Metro run until at least 12:30am or 1am on weeknights?

Tereu Tereu

Sean Walsh and the National Reserve


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