Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Antlers Song, "Bear"

One of the releases that I'm most looking forward to this year is The Antlers' Hospice, the followup to 2007's incredible In the Attic of the Universe.

The band released the first single from the album, entitled "Two", a couple of months ago (listen to it here), and today released the second track, "Bear". Take a listen:

The Antlers, "Bear"

If there was any question whether the band could craft a worthy followup to Attic, or whether it would survive expanding from a one-man project to a real band, these two songs should provide a solidly affirmative answer.

Hospice is being self-released by the band on March 3rd through a limited edition CD and online download. It's not soon enough. I asked this a couple of years ago, but how early is too early to declare an album a likely album of the year?

Hospice Tracklist
1. Prologue
2. Kettering
3. Sylvia
4. Atrophy
5. Bear
6. Thirteen
7. Two
8. Shiva
9. Wake
10. Epilogue

Hear (and download) more over at the band's website.


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