Wednesday, December 31, 2008

UPDATE: Lightspeed Champion Will Return

Just noticed an excellent piece of news over at, err, YouTube.

There's a video dated December 25, 2008 showing Dev Hynes and friends in the studio recording bits and pieces of what will apparently be Lightspeed Champion album #2. According to the notes for the video written by Dev:
I headed into the studio a few minutes walk from my place in Brooklyn to get started on the next Lightspeed album...knowing that I was to have an operation this Christmas that will prevent me from talking for a few months..i was eager to get the recording process going as soon as possible. Myself, along with producer Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective, The Constellations) and I recruited my friends band "spacekamp" to come along and help out. They also play as the backing band for the likes of Adam Green, Nickel Eye, Regina Spektor and a whole heap of other amazing artists, in fact, their band "spacekamp" are awesome also.

i'm currently resting in london having only had the operation yesterday.. as soon as i'm back in the studio.. i presume more videos will be on their way....and yes, there is rapping on the new album. Dev.
So, err, awesome. About the album, not the rapping. But I suppose I'll withhold judgment on the rapping for now.


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