Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No More Lightspeed Champion?

Looks like I'm behind on the news again...

Apparently, Dev Hynes of the band Lightspeed Champion has a pretty serious problem with his voice. In fact, according to Dev's blog, he developed "nodes, cysts and various other things horribly wrong with [his] voice causing some kind of permanent damage due to constant vocal abuse.. ("

The situation was so serious that Dev had surgery a few days ago, and apparently won't be able to talk above a whisper again until the end of February.

I can't say how much this sucks. I'm a huge fan of Dev's, and the possibility of not hearing him perform again is truly disappointing (especially considering how good his new songs sounded when I saw the band this past summer).

So do me a favor and please keep Dev in your thoughts. Hopefully his recovery will go well and we'll be hearing him talk and sing before too long.

(Thanks to Danny the Rock and Roll Kid for the heads up!)


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