Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More New Paul Westerberg!

I just noticed over at Bradley's Almanac that Paul Westerberg has released his third set of brand new music this year.

This time it's a 3-song EP called D.G.T. which you can download for the low price of $0.74 at Tunecore.

The songs include:

1. Away In A Manger (mislabeled as "Always In A Manger")
2. Streets of Laredo
3. D.G.T.

I'm buying it now. Will provide my thoughts soon.

Edited to add: Google Checkout isn't working for me. Has anyone had any success downloading this yet?


At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Sal C said...

I bought it earlier. Just takes a few minutes to set up the Google Checkout account.

At 9:15 PM, Blogger Steve said...

I figured out my problem. I do have a Google Checkout account, but it was set to my old NYC address. Even though I was filling in my new info, it wouldn't let me complete the purchase due to the difference between the addresses. Not really the way they want their system working, I'm sure, but I figured it out.


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