Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random Thoughts... About Glasvegas

Ah, another 12+ hour day on the campaign trail... fun stuff. (Seriously. I'll have to post some pics and stories eventually. And all of you in the DC area should come out and volunteer for a few hours in the Old Town Alexandria office at 1307 King Street. Odds are I'll be there.)

Anyway, I spent some time today listening to this new Glasvegas album that's been getting all kinds of buzz. And, honestly, I just don't get it. The album sounds like a Scottish guy fronting The Stills. It's not bad, but I have yet to be really impressed by anything on the album other than the single, "Daddy's Gone", which is admittedly a cool throw-back tune.

Of course, it took me a while to "get" The Shout Out Louds' Our Ill Wills last year, but I'm not convinced I'm ever gonna "get" this one.


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