Monday, September 15, 2008

New Ted Leo EP, "Rapid Response"

My apologies if this has already been covered in depth on the other blogs... I've been spending a good deal of time at the local Obama HQ and haven't been as attentive to the world of music as I ought have.

Anyway, the news of the day is that Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have a brand new 4-song digital-only EP called "Rapid Response". You can download it NOW at Touch and Go/Quarterstick Records for $4.

Here's the description of the EP from Touch and Go/Quarterstick:
Inspired by the events surrounding the police action on civil protests at the recent Republican National Convention, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists channeled their own corresponding anger and frustration into a more creative message – that of potent song. The band quickly wrote a new track in direct response and, along with another new song and two equally relevant cover tunes, recorded four raw emotional interpretations of the current political climate. The intent of the recordings is to raise awareness and funds for specially selected organizations Minneapolis Food Not Bombs and Democracy Now! to help out those arrested during the protests.

For the next two weeks, the four-song EP will be sold exclusively as a digital bundle at the Touch & Go/Quarterstick webstore for $4. 100% of the proceeds will be split evenly between Minneapolis Food Not Bombs and Democracy Now! organizations, and greater donation quantities will be available for those who wish to contribute more. Take your own stand; support the music supporting the cause.


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