Thursday, September 04, 2008

Contribute to the Obama/Biden Campaign!

OK, so despite my earlier efforts to keep this blog relatively politics-free, I've gotten pretty clearly political in the last few weeks.

If you read this blog for the music/pop-culture stuff alone, I apologize, though I can't promise any changes between now and November. Like many others across the country, I see this election as being of vital importance to our country, and I want to do everything I can to elect Barack Obama. I certainly welcome dissenting points in the comments, but I do plan to continue some political content here and there.

So to that end, I'm adding a link in the right-hand column of the blog (right below my MySpace/Facebook links) linking directly to my personal Obama/Biden fundraising page. I've set a goal of $1,000. So if you agree that we can't afford another four years of Republican leadership, please click over and give what you can.

Oh, and here's the link.



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