Monday, August 18, 2008

Sometimes Spam Is Funny

So have you been paying attention to your Spam box lately? There's been a ton of Spam supposedly coming as "Breaking News" emails from MSNBC. And the email titles are freakin' hilarious.

Here are the most recent ones I've gotten: - BREAKING NEWS: Arnold Says im Gay Too!‎ - BREAKING NEWS: Paris Hilton Considered For Mother Teresa Role‎ - BREAKING NEWS: Madonnas Former Home Destroyed By Jesus‎ - BREAKING NEWS: Jessica Simpson Starts Doing It With Some Other Guy. Video.‎ - BREAKING NEWS: Brave Suicide Bomber Survives Blast!‎ - BREAKING NEWS: Old Man Dies Inside Paris Hilton‎ - BREAKING NEWS: McCain A 'GPS Black Hole' Say Scientists‎

Spammers may be scum, but these at least seem to at least have a sense of humor.


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