Thursday, August 21, 2008

Frames News -- It Ain't Good

From the new Frames newsletter:
on a side-ish note - theres a lot of you asking for a frames gig, especially on new years eve, but im sorry all - its really, really unlikely to happen this year. the touring with the film/soundtrack/swell season projects still hasnt come to an end yet globally, and everyone is really looking forward to a break through the last bit of dec and into early jan. its also tough to switch from swell season mode to frames mode when youre not immersed 100% in a particular band. the frames will be back, just not this year.

the lads and mar are actually in a studio this week between gigs in america recording some new tracks. dont ask me which particular incarnation its going to end up as, but, they are all VERY much enjoying being creative in a studio situation for 5 minutes... theres a good bunch of new songs been floating around for a little while and, as they had 6 days between the pines gig and the dylan support in saratoga, it seemed like a good idea to go into a studio and try laying some down.
So, best case scenario is new Frames music and tour dates next year. But, honestly, who seriously thinks that the new music they're recording is going to be a Frames album instead of a Swell Season (as seen in the movie Once!) album? Not I.



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