Friday, August 29, 2008

Day One, And Sarah Palin Already a Liar

Wow. In her very first speech, Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin has proven herself to be a liar.

Governor Palin's statement today:
"...I championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress. In fact, I told Congress -- I told Congress, 'Thanks, but no thanks,' on that bridge to nowhere. If our state wanted a bridge, I said we'd build it ourselves." (Source.)

Yet, she specifically told the Anchorage Daily News on October 22, 2006 that:
5. Would you continue state funding for the proposed Knik Arm and Gravina Island bridges?

Yes. I would like to see Alaska's infrastructure projects built sooner rather than later. The window is now--while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist.(Source)

It wasn't until the bridge became a national joke that she finally decided to oppose it.

Something like this is pretty par for the course in politics, but what bothers me most about it is the fact that (a) this is one of the issues that Governor Palin and her supporters have pointed to in order to show her "credentials", and (b) she lied in her very first speech as the Republican VP nominee.

She couldn't at least wait until her second day on the job?


At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

daughter missed 4-5 months of school, palin never looked pregnant,flew 8 hrs. in labor, daughter became pregnant with mono,palin went back to work 3 days after birth,daughter is the only one ever holding baby,none of this adds up. palin will be out by friday

At 6:57 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

paltin should take care of her own family. i agree this all smells like a big, fat, lie that paltin is putting out about the baby. what about school records? she was a mayor of a town with total 50 employees, come on now, a vice president????


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