Monday, July 07, 2008

The Secret Life of Sofia

One of my favorite discoveries from 2007 was Brooklyn's The Antlers, whose album, In The Attic of the Universe, was my second favorite CD of the year.

While I'd like to take credit for discovering them, I can't - the discovery came courtesy of Chris over at The Battering Room blog.

And despite the fact that he's only updated his blog a handful of times over the last few months, Chris just introduced me to yet another great new band - The Secret Life of Sofia.

I've only heard the five songs on the band's MySpace page so far, but it was enough to get me to immediately order their recent Seven Summits LP.

I'll be writing more about these guys once I get a chance to hear the full album, but for now check out the best song I've heard from them so far:

The Secret Life of Sofia, "Fifty Fourteeners" (from Seven Summits [order])


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