Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Louris/Olson Album Due in September

It's been rumored for a while, but Paste Magazine confirmed today that a brand new album by former-Jayhawks Gary Louris and Mark Olson is due in September.

The album, entitled Ready for the Flood, will be released via Hacktone Records.

Check out a great, but short, interview with the two over at Paste Magazine.

My favorite quote?
As for the Jayhawks, Louris claims that chapter is basically finished. But for at least one day this year, the old band will share a stage. The 1994-1995 line-up of Olson, Louris, Perlman, O’Reagan and Karen Grotberg will reunite for the Azquena Festival in Spain. “If it’s so much fun we can’t stand it,” Louris says, “maybe we’ll do something similar, but at this point, it’s a one-time only thing, and we’ll see where it goes.”


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