Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New David Ford Video, "I'm Alright Now"

I'm still not sure exactly where I come down on David Ford. He has a tendency to get a little dramatic and weepy a la James Blunt, but he's a significantly better songwriter than Blunt and he brings a real rawness to his songs that reminds me of a time before Damien Rice started to suck.

Anyway, he's got a new video for his song "I'm Alright Now", and it pretty much embodies everything good and bad about his music. It starts out pretty saccharine, but really picks up with the chorus and ends up being a pretty good song (IMO, of course).

Check it out:


At 3:26 PM, Anonymous CaliSurfer said...

I agree, David ford is a really good songwriter, the way he strings his words together is awesome. Well I found out, working for Motorola, that they're giving away free ringtones, including David Ford's "To Hell with the World" under The Hotel Cafe. There are five other artists on there worth listening to as well. Hope you enjoy the freebies!


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