Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two New WOXY Discoveries

If you're not listening to WOXY.com, you're missing out on a ton of great new music.

In just the last 30 minutes, I've discovered a couple of really interesting new bands - The Bloodsugars (who I've heard of before, but never heard) and Seabird, who just finished a great Lounge Act (which I'll link to when it's posted).

Check 'em out below. I'll be adding more info about each band as I find it.

The Bloodsugars, "Cinderella" (from BQEP)
Seabird, "Let Me Go On" (Remix) (from the Let Me Go On EP)

You can stream the Bloodsugars song here, but for the Seabird song please be sure to click through the song title instead of trying the "play" button, since the song is being hosted over at Each Note Secure.

The Bloodsugars on MySpace
Seabird on MySpace


At 6:08 PM, Blogger nyctaper said...

Hey, the Bloodsugars just played the After the Jump Fest here in NYC and I recorded them! They'll be on my site soon.

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Awesome, thanks for the heads up!

Knew there a was reason I should have stayed in NYC an extra day for After the Jump...


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