Monday, June 02, 2008

This Week In DC

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. I was in Ohio for my youngest brother's high school graduation. Man do I feel old.

Some excellent shows coming up in DC this week (and the coming weeks). My picks are in bold, and I can't recommend them strongly enough.

Iota: Federal Reserve Collective... 1st Mondays

9:30 Club: Bell X1, Brooke Waggoner
Black Cat (main): Adam Green (ech), Lightspeed Champion (yay!), Flowers Forever (no idea)

Black Cat (back): The Jet Age, Alexander the Great, Petworth
Rock and Roll Hotel: The Field, Outputmessage, Lode Runner

Black Cat (main): White Rabbits, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Greenland
Rock and Roll Hotel: Waco Brothers, Chris Mills, The Starlingtons, The Highballers

9:30 Club: Rilo Kiley, Taho w/ the Get Down Stay Down, Benji Hughes
Black Cat (main): Hackensaw Boys, Mikal Evans Band, The Cotton Jones Basket Ride
Iota: Yell County, Julie Ocean, The City Veins (3-way CD release)

Black Cat (main): M83, The Berg Sans Nipple


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