Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Jukebox the Ghost Video, "Hold It In"

I really want to like Jukebox the Ghost. They seem like a good bunch of guys, they put on an entertaining live show, and they've got a handful of really good songs. And, on top of it all, they're one of DC-area's hottest young bands, and it's good to see local bands getting national recognition.

That said, I just can't really get into the band. While they have a few good songs, they also have a number of really bad ones. And the worst of them - to my ear, at least - is the one that they and their label have been pushing as their "hit". And now they have a video for it, so you can decide for yourself if it's good, bad, or something else.

Jukebox the Ghost, "Hold It In"

Jukebox the Ghost "Hold It In" from Guy Manly on Vimeo.


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