Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Live Nation Gets One - Just One - Right

Remember a year or so ago when Live Nation started changing the names of many of its clubs to "The Fillmore at ____"?

There's The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza, The Fillmore at TLA, The Fillmore Detroit (formerly the State Theatre), and The Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason Theatre. And there's also clubs in San Francisco and Denver which have borne the Fillmore name since before the change.

The idea was supposedly to create a national Fillmore brand which would exist in cities across the U.S., which would, among other things, guarantee concertgoers a "quality Fillmore experience" no matter which venue they visited. And a free apple. Or something like that.

Anyway, it looks like Live Nation may be coming to its senses in at least one instance. According to, Live Nation has decided to revert the name of its Philadelphia club from The Fillmore at TLA back to The Theatre for Living Arts.

Hopefully they'll follow this up soon in New York, and go back to the simple and iconic Irving Plaza. And then maybe they can start getting good bands to play there again. I mean, seriously guys... Extreme and Kings X? Is this 1989?


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