Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Online Gambling Prop of the Day

I love gambling. Not for the actual gambling side of it -- I don't tend to gamble unless I'm in Vegas, and even then I tend to stick to the blackjack table where I can bet slowly and keep getting free drinks.

No, I love gambling for the proposition bets. The pure, unadulterated nonsense of the proposition bets.

The one thing I make sure I do every time I'm in Vegas is to go to the Imperial Palace. Their sportsbook is ancient, with handwritten boards instead of fancy new electronic ones like everywhere else on the strip, and the atmosphere is pure 1972. And the smell... oh, the smell.

But the IP is also the absolute center of the universe (in Vegas, at least) for prop bets. Wanna bet that Kobe Bryant will score more points in tomorrow's game than Barack Obama's percentage in next week's Puerto Rico primary? Wanna bet the over/under on how many American athletes will get busted for steroids at the Beijing Olympics? Odds are you can do it at the IP. And when you're bored, you can go see The Blues Brothers or search around for Nazi paraphernalia.

For those who can't make it to Vegas, but have a hankering for making nonsense prop bets, thankfully you can also find some interesting props on the internet. I was just perusing an online sportsbook to see the numbers for tonight's NBA and NHL games (Go Wings! Go Pistons!) and came upon these props. Awesome.

I may have to take some of this action. There's no way he stays out of a casino.


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