Sunday, May 18, 2008

Live-blogging Bishop Allen

Some minor post-show changes in italics.

9:15pm: Deleted Scenes are now my least favorite band on Earth. Please get off stage. Please.

9:40pm: It's Sunday night and the Metro stops running in 2 hours. Why is the second band not playing yet?

9:42pm: If the second band's (The War on Drugs) music is as annoying as their stage setup banter microphone testing, I'm leaving. High pitched woops and woots are really unnecessary.

9:47pm: Only Bob Dylan should sing like Bob Dylan. And even sometimes I wish Bob would shut up. Sir, you are no Bob Dylan.

9:56pm: The War on Drugs aren't bad, but I can't take them seriously due to the singer's Dylan fetish.

10:04pm: OK, now they're bad.

10:25pm: Hey! The girl (whose name I don't know) is back in Bishop Allen! She wasn't here the last time they played DC.

10:48pm: I fucking love Bishop Allen.

12:11am: My pictures came out terrible, so I won't even bother to post them. Show was excellent, but too short (about a 40-minute set and a 10-minute encore). Also not sure the Black Cat main stage was the right venue for them. I'd guess they had about 200 people there at maximum. Not terrible for a young out-of-town band on a Sunday night, but they probably would have been better served backstage.


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