Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hot Water Music Still Together

I've been a fan of Gainesville, Florida's Hot Water Music for close to 10 years now. However, for some reason, I've never seen them live despite holding tickets to do so on at least five occasions.

I thought my last chance to see them had disappeared when they disbanded back in 2006, but they reformed (at least temporarily) earlier this year and have played a few shows in Florida, Chicago, New Jersey and Europe. They even played a show at South By Southwest in Austin which I somehow missed.

Anyway, it looks like I just might get another chance to see them. They announced two new East Coast shows today (NYC and Philly), and I'm holding out hope that they'll add a DC-area show before too long too. Even if they don't, though, I may just have to roadtrip it.

New Hot Water Music Dates
Fri., 7/11: Philadelphia (The Troc)
Sat., 7/12: New York City (Terminal 5)

Tickets for both shows go on sale on Saturday (5/10) at noon Eastern.

If I do end up roadtripping, it'll be to Philly. Ain't no way that the one time I ever see Hot Water Music is going to be at Terminal 5.


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