Friday, May 09, 2008

Bob Pollard Is Back With 300 New Projects

Well, maybe not 300, but it sure doesn't seem like Bob is gonna be spending much time sitting out on a lawn chair on Needmore Road drinking beers this year.

According to Billboard, Bob has a new album out on June 3rd called Bob Pollard Is Off To Business (probably not this business), is launching a brand new record label called Guided By Voices Inc., has yet another new Circus Devils album in the can, and a new band coming called Boston Spaceships (although he's not sure who's in the band yet).

Here's the lead track from the album:

Robert Pollard, "Gratification to Concrete"

Oh, and he's also going to be returning to the road this fall. Just don't expect him to play the old GBV hits. He claims that he wants to stick to new stuff and older "rarities". I'll take whatever you wanna give us, Bob. Though an "Echos Myron" here and there wouldn't kill ya, would it?

You can pre-order Bob new album now from Rockathon for, err, $16. There's also an exclusive web-only EP called Weatherman and Skin Goddess available - it has one song from the new album, and two other exclusive tracks.

(Thanks to Matt for the heads up!)


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