Monday, March 03, 2008

Van Halen Tour Canceled? (2008 edition)

OK, so it looks like a post I did back in February 2007 about Van Halen's first attempt at a reunion is getting a ton of traffic today. The topic of that post was that the planned spring 2007 tour was canceled so that Eddie could go to rehab.

There have obviously been some rumors swirling the past few days that the band's current tour may also be in danger, and possibly also due to Eddie's problems. Many of your Google searches have taken you to my post from last year, and some folks may accidentally think that this year's tour has been canceled too.

Well, as a public service to those of you visiting the site for info, I direct you over to an article at Billboard which assures that the tour has not been canceled. Eddie is apparently having undisclosed medical tests, but the tour will pick back up next week in Charlottesville. Several shows from this week, including shows in Dallas, Cincinnati, Raleigh and Baltimore, will be rescheduled.


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