Friday, February 22, 2008

DC Show Update (Revised)

Slower week than last week, but it would be hard to match the sheer number of shows that went on sale last week. As always, any additions will be added in italics.

State Theater
Thu., 4/3: Gary Louris, Vetiver

No word as to on-sale dale for tickets for the Gary Louris show yet. They'll eventually be available through the State Theater's own ticketing system.

9:30 Club
Sun., 3/15: Blowoff DJ set w/ Bob Mould and Richard Morel
Sun., 3/23: Del the Funky Homosapien
Thu., 4/3: The Boredoms
Fri., 4/4: Lifehouse (ha!)
Sat., 4/5: Mike Doughty's Band
Sun., 4/6: Carbon/Silicon, Matt Pond PA
Wed., 4/16: Rogue Wave
Wed., 4/23: Tapes n' Tapes

All 9:30 Club shows go on sale tomorrow (2/21) at 10am via, although the seems to incorrectly list the Carbon/Silicon show as going on sale on 3/21. BTW, Carbon Silicon is the "new" project from Mick Jones (The Clash) and Tony James (Generation X).

No word as to on-sale date for Rogue Wave yet. It's the same week as Colin Meloy and both New Pornographers shows - in fact, the shows are back-to-back Sunday through Wednesday - which means I'm sure I'll end up skipping one of them.

Black Cat
Tue., 3/11: WZT Hearts, The Methamphetamines, Wealth
Thu., 3/13: Two Dark Birds, The High Signs, Sad Crocodile
Sun., 3/23: Katastrophe, Athens Boys Choir
Tue., 4/1: Anousheh Khalili, The Feverfew, Sleep Station
Tue., 4/22: Peelander-Z, Pessimist Parade, Nihilitia
Fri., 5/9: Polvo, Sir Arthur & His Royal Knights
Sat., 6/7: M83

All Black Cat shows are sold via Ticketmaster. All shows go on sale Friday (2/22) at 5pm except for the Methamphetamines, Feverfew, Polvo and M83 shows, which go on sale on 2/29.


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