Monday, January 28, 2008

Uncle Tupelo Reunites in Mexico! (umm, sorta)

According to a poster over at the Via Chicago message boards, Jeff Tweedy told the crowd at his solo show in Chicago the other night that he and Jay Farrar had recently bumped into each other in Mexico. Board poster "Jesus Etc" recounts:
Tweedy takes his family to Mexico periodically and he was recently there with the fam in a secluded part of the Yucatan and two villas down was Farrar and his family. He said the encounter was awkward and consisted of a couple ofn "heys and whats ups" and that was it. Tweedy the said it was just like it was when they were in UT together. The vacationer who had the villa in between the two singers happened to be a big UT fan and, as you can imagine, was going bananas over his "good fortune."
I suppose the most pathetic part of the whole thing is how disappointed I am, fourteen years after the fact, that there's still no real prospect of an Uncle Tupelo reunion. I really gotta get over it.

(Thanks to Matt for another great tip.)


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