Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Song of the Day

I am very quickly becoming obsessed with the new Lightspeed Champion album, Falling Off The Lavender Bridge. It's still too early to say what my favorite track on the album is, but an early contender is "Galaxy of the Lost."

I was going to post an MP3 of the song, but just discovered two things -- first, they (he?) have (has?) a video for the song, which I've embedded below; and second, you can stream the entire album at the band's MySpace page.

The band is touring extensively in Europe over the next few months, but is coming to the US and Canada for a short stint, including at least 4 SXSW gigs. I will be attending at least one of them. North American tour dates follow the video.

Lightspeed Champion North American Tour Dates
3/1: Chicago (Av Averia) - acoustic show
3/4: Toronto (Horseshoe Tavern) - acoustic show
3/5: New York (Mercury Lounge) - acoustic show
3/7: Philadelphia (World Cafe Live Upstairs) - acoustic show
3/8: Brooklyn (Union Pool) - acoustic show
3/12: SXSW (Antone's / Domino Records showcase) - acoustic show
3/13: SXSW (Urban Outfitters)
3/14: SXSW (Cedar St. Courtyard / Filter Party)
3/15: SXSW (TBA / Press Here Publicity party)

Edited to add: For kicks, I figured I'd also post a video from Dev's (singer/guitarist) earlier and much different band, Test Icicles. Enjoy:


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