Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shout Out Louds @ Joe's Pub on 3/5 (?)

OK. So I may be a little premature on this, given the fact that we're still in beta mode with Rogomo and all, but I'll say it anyway... I miss New York, and I plan on moving back as soon as humanly possible.

While there are a lot of reasons for this conclusion, one of them certainly is that the quality of the shows that come to New York are consistently so much better than anywhere else (especially DC).

I mean, who would expect that the Shout Out Louds would be playing two nights at Joe's Pub in March? Aren't they big enough to be doing two nights at the Bowery at this point?

Regardless, as the title of this post states, according to Joe's Pub's website, the Shout Out Louds are playing two shows at Joe's Pub on Wednesday, March 5th -- a 9:30pm show and an 11:30pm show. Notably, doesn't reflect these shows, nor are they listed on the band's website, but I find it unlikely that they'd be on the calendar and not be real. Maybe I'm wrong.

Right or wrong, though... I need to move back to New York.


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