Monday, January 21, 2008

Rbally is Back (Again!)

One of my favorite music blogs of all time (i.e., the last 4 years or so) is the great rbally. Although the site disappeared for a little while (a year or so), I'm happy to say that it's back up and running again. And boy is it running... just check out some of the shows Jennings has had in the last few weeks:

Superchunk, 10/10/07 (Richmond, VA)
The Pixies, 6/12/89 (Vienna)
The Replacements, 10/12/94 (CBGB's)
Wilco, 8/22/07 (Oregon) - Part 1
Wilco, 8/22/07 (Oregon) - Part 2

I haven't heard it yet, but I've heard raves about the Wilco set. And I'm downloading the Superchunk set as I write this.

Glad to have ya back, rbally!


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous jennings said...

Thanks for the shout (as always) . . . .


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