Sunday, January 13, 2008

Figgs News

So maybe I would have known this earlier had I been able to make it up to New York a few weeks ago to see the band as planned, but The Figgs are apparently a 4-piece again. According to their website, Scott Janovitz has joined the band to play keyboards. If you caught Graham Parker on tour this past spring, you would have seen Scott then (along with Mike G. from the Figgs on drums).

The newly re-minted 4-piece will be playing two shows in Boston next month at Church on Friday, 2/29 and Saturday, 3/1. Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb. They're also apparently working on a new album... awesome.

In other Figgs news, while trolling the Internet the other day I came upon a copy of the band's Christmas Shake 7-inch from way back in 1995. It's just under 8 minutes of rock and roll goodness, including a fantastic cover of The Kinks' "Father Christmas" (which they still play live on occasion).

The Figgs, "Father Christmas"

Oh, and here's the original video (with replacement audio) of the Kinks' version of the song:


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