Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Songs Are Good

Four good songs I've been listening to a lot lately.

Babyshambles, "UnBiloTitled" (from Shotter's Nation)

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how good the new Babyshambles album is. This might be my favorite song on the disc, though it's a very close call. The album comes out in the U.S. next Tuesday, October 23rd, via Astralwerks. It's sure to be on my year-end list.

Bishop Allen, "Little Black Ache" (from Charm School)

It only took two years of listening to them, but I finally picked up Bishop Allen's debut LP, Charm School, via eMusic a couple of weeks ago. Should've gotten it ages ago. This isn't my favorite song from the album, but it's the best song on the album that I'd never heard before.

De Novo Dahl, "Shout" (from Shout EP, available only at indie stores)

I thought the same thing about 2006, but I have a feeling that 2008 is going to be the year of De Novo Dahl. Nashville's second-best band (after Forget Cassettes) is one of the liveliest, most entertaining indie rock bands out there right now. Their debut, Cats and Kittens, was excellent (though entirely too long, and I'm not just talking about the second disc of remixes), and the songs I've heard from their recent EP suggest that album #2, whenever it comes, will be even better. Oh, and the band is somehow on Roadrunner Records. I think it's just them and King Diamond now. (I kid... they also have Cradle of Filth and Three Inches of Blood.)

Nothington, "Last Time" (from All In)

I got tipped to these guys by the excellent Can You See the Sunset From the Southside?, and haven't stopped listening to their debut LP, All In, since. This is the band that should be opening for Bad Religion, instead of The Briggs. Think a mixture of Social Distortion, Hot Water Music, Lucero and, at times, X. Another album sure to be on my year-end list.


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