Friday, October 12, 2007

DAM! Fest Night 1

Gotta make this quick. Soy muy cansado.

Julie Ocean at The Red and The Black

Great start to the night. Third time I've seen them, and third time I've had a great time. Ten fast rock songs in about 32 minutes.

Julie Ocean, "Number One Song"

Southeast Engine at The Red and The Black

Never heard of 'em before tonight, but will definitely be keeping an eye on them going forward. Kind of an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Americana blend. Part of me thinks that there's a jam band inside trying to get out too, but thankfully there were no 7 minute guitar noodle-a-thons. Oh, and nice hat.

Southeast Engine, "Ghost"

Vandaveer at The Red and The Black

Another great performance from Mark Charles and Rose. Last time we'll see them in these parts for a while as Mark Charles is headed off to Europe for a few weeks of dates with These United States (see bottom of this post). If you happen to be in Dick Cheney's favorite continent, be sure to catch them if you can.

Vandaveer, "However Many Takes It Takes"

The Big Sleep at Rock and Roll Hotel

After Vandaveer I ran over to the Rock and Roll Hotel to catch Dirty On Purpose's midnight set. Unfortunately, the venue was running close to an hour behind, so when I arrived I was treated to the sight of a 3-person band taking more time than most 6-person bands to set up their equipment on stage. When that seemingly herculean effort finally ended, the band unfortunately started playing. After about 4 songs of their Black Sabbath imitation, I couldn't stay any longer.

Sometimes loud just isn't enough, kids.

The Big Sleep, "Murder" (this song sounds much better than their live set did)

Guess I'll have to catch Dirty on Purpose next time.

Vandaveer European Tour (with These United States)

15 OCT - 93 Feet East - London, UK
16 OCT - The Hope - Brighton, UK
17 OCT - Head Of Steam - Newcastle, UK
18 OCT - The Social - Nottingham, UK
19 OCT - The Magnet - Liverpool, UK
20 OCT - The Beat Club - Glasgow, UK
21 OCT - Lazarette Festival @ The Thekla Social - Bristol, UK
22 OCT - ITC @ Sports Cafe - Manchester, UK
23 OCT - The Porter - Bath, UK
24 OCT - TBA - Paris, FR
25 OCT - Le Baron - Paris, FR
26 OCT - Winston Kingdom - Amsterdam, NE
27 OCT - Tonenburg - Hoxter-Albaxen, DE
28 OCT - Le M├ęcanisme Dubitatif - Lille, FR
29 OCT - Tommy's Bar - Cardiff, UK
30 OCT - Big Hands - Manchester, UK
31 OCT - The Love Apple - Bradford, UK
01 OCT - The Slaughtered Lamb - London, UK
02 OCT - The Folk House - Bristol, UK
03 OCT - The Gladstone - London, UK


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