Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tonight in DC

There's a couple of indie-tastic shows here in DC tonight, so get off yer ass and check out some live music.

9:30 Club: The Apples In Stereo w/ Aqueduct and Julie Ocean
This one's being streamed (and recorded) by NPR's All Songs Considered, so it's a good bet that it's gonna be running on the early side. As a result, be sure to get there early to catch DC's own Julie Ocean at 8:00pm. (Aqueduct are scheduled for 9pm, and the Apples at 10pm).

Tickets appear to still be available here for $15 (before fees).

Black Cat: Girl Talk w/ Dan Deacon and White Williams
Can't say I love any of these guys, but Girl Talk and Dan Deacon are kinda hot crap around the blogs these days. I wouldn't mind catching Dan Deacon's live show sometime, but I have absolutely no use for Girl Talk's "let's sample everything we can think of from the 80's because it's soooo clever" approach to "songwriting".


Rock and Roll Hotel: Heavy Trash (ft. Jon Spencer) w/ Powersolo
I was never a fan of the Blues Explosion, and I haven't heard much I like from Heavy Trash either. Until yesterday, that is, when I heard the song "Outside Chance" from their new Yep Roc album, Going Way Out With Heavy Trash [BUY]. If you like Reigning Sound, and lord knows I do, then you're gonna love this song. Unlike a lot of Jon Spencer songs I've heard, it's a bluesy rock song that always remembers its a ROCK song first and doesn't get sidetracked with a lot of fake-white-boy-blues garbage. Check it out:

Heavy Trash, "Outside Chance"

Tickets appear to still be available here.


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