Sunday, September 09, 2007

Finally! Bottomless Pit to Release Debut CD

Many, many thanks to Bradley's Almanac for the heads up on this one: Bottomless Pit's debut album, Hammer of the Gods, finally has a release date. Well, make that a release month - November.

If you're not familiar, Bottomless Pit is the new band from Tim and Andy from Silkworm, plus Chris Manfrin from Seam and Brian Orchard from .22.

You can pre-order the album here. I just did. Before you do, though, ask yourself, do you merely want the CD or do you also want the album on gatefold double 12-inch 45rpm vinyl? Because you can apparently have both for $18 (or the CD alone is $12). If I had a record player I know which one I'd choose. But, then again, wouldn't that be the whole purpose that I had a record player in the first place?

Here's the lead track from the album. If you have the band's EP or caught them live last year, you should recognize it.

Bottomless Pit, "The Cardinal Movements"

Edited to add: The band has a few live dates scheduled for later this fall. Hopefully this will turn into a bigger tour, and we'll be seeing them in DC and NYC.

10/19: Milwaukee (Cactus Club) w/ Adam Franklin and Dianogah
10/20: Madison, WI (Corral Room) w/ Dianogah
11/2: Columbus, OH (TBA)
11/3: Pittsburgh (Brillobox) w/ Karl Hendricks Rock Band and The Kyle Sowashes


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