Thursday, November 02, 2006

Saturday Lineup

Sitting here in the office trying to do work, wishing I was out at some afternoon shows. Can't focus too well, so I figured I'd map out my Saturday at CMJ. Think it will look something like this:

Brooklyn Vegan @ Annex
12:00- Takka Takka
12:45- White Whale
1:30- Annuals
2:15- Elvis Perkins

3:00- Ra Ra Riot
4:00- Birdmonster

Home, nap, dinner (or maybe WFMU record fair).

Cake Shop
9:45- Human Television

Mercury Lounge
10:00- Bobby Bare Jr.
11:00- The Tyde

Arlene's Grocery
12:00- Forget Cassettes
12:45- De Novo Dahl

I'll be thrilled with myself if I actually make all these shows. I'll likely also be deaf.


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