Friday, June 02, 2006

Twilight Singers @ Irving Plaza, NYC [6/1/06]

I've been a fan of Greg Dulli's for about 15 years now. While growing up in Cincinnati has its many many many many many drawbacks, one good thing was that I was exposed to the Afghan Whigs pretty early, and got to see them live several times over the years.

When the band broke up, I was somewhat concerned that Greg's new project, the Twilight Singers, weren't going to be great. After all, I never really got into their debut album, and was deeply fearful of any musical endeavor that involved Happy Chichester.

Well, I had nothing to fear. The Twilight Singers' next four(ish) albums, including their new Powder Burns, have been fantastic, and have continued to highlight everything about Greg's songwriting that I loved with the Whigs. Plus, the band puts on spectacular shows. Tonight's show, while not spectacular, was still pretty damn great, and there was no Happy Chichester in sight. Check the pix.

(By the way, so I don't sound too down on Cincy, I do have to admit that this and this pretty much made growing up Cincy worthwhile.)


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