Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Shows and A Song

Another verrry slow day today.. there are a few interesting things that popped up, though.

Tickets for Jeremy Enigk's (of Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft) show at Bowery Ballroom on August 11th are now on sale. I'll be there. I was fortunate to catch Jeremy at the Knitting Factory back in 1996 (jesus, is it that long ago?) in support of his solo album, The Frog Queen, and it was wonderful. His second solo album is supposedly due sometime this summer, though there's no official word yet as to a release date.

Tickets for the dual bill of X and the Rollins Band at the Nokia Theatre on August 16th go on sale this Friday. Riverboat Gamblers, who I've heard good things about but don't think I've heard, open. Tickets are, ahem, $40. Count me as a maybe.

SCORE! Tickets are on sale on Monday for.. wait for it.. ASIA at the Nokia. The show is Friday, September 8th. Only time will tell if I buy a ticket in the heat of the moment.

Finally, I leave you with the only version of the song "Crazy" (orig. by Gnarls Barkley) that I can stand to listen to. And I speak as someone who has always hated this song, not someone who's just gotten tired of it. It's a live version by the Twilight Singers. Stereogum has it, and it's actually pretty damn good. They played it in NYC last week too.


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