Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 18th, When Steve Finally Listens to Bishop Allen

Despite all of the good things being said about Bishop Allen around the blogs, I had somehow managed to go without hearing anything from them until three days ago. Then, in the gym with my iPod on shuffle, I discovered their song "The Monitor" which I had apparently downloaded without knowing it.

What a great song. And it turns out they have a bunch of other great songs too. Check out a few:

"The Monitor"
"Butterfly Nets"
"Flight 180"

There's also two more up at their website, and also at their MySpace page.

The band is playing a release party for their latest ep, the "June EP" (they've done an EP per month since January), next Friday, June 30th, at Pianos. Tickets are on sale. I may need to pick one up.


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