Monday, June 05, 2006

I Wish It Was Sunday, 'Cause That's My Funday

Random bits and pieces...

From 1987 to 1990-ish, I was a huge Metallica fan. Unfortunately, between the diminishing quality of their music and my own shifting music tastes, I haven't really been able to listen to them much in recent years (although I do pull out ...And Justice for All every once in a while). Do I need to start paying attention to them again? Word is that, at their Rock Am Ring performance the other day, they played the entirety of Master of Puppets. Kick ass. And YouTube has video from their 9+ minute performance of "Orion". (Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for the head's up!) Now if only their new album can sound more like the Metallica of old, rather than the trash that was St. Anger.

Sticking with 80's rock, Sneak Move brings you David Lee Roth's immortal "Yankee Rose". Haven't heard this song in years.

Grab your handkerchiefs - Keane might not hit number one when their new turd album comes out in a couple of weeks. iTunes accidentally posted the band's new album early on its Belgian site, and the rush of Keane fans to download it -- who are these people? -- has led folks to speculate that when the album actually comes out, everyone who wants it will already have it. The band is apparently unhappy. I can understand. Who cares if your fans spend their money to buy your record? It's more important that they buy your record when you tell them to, so you can hit number one. I get it.

Dry Ink Magazine has a great article about one of my favorite bands, Lucero.

Gerard at Can't Stop the Bleeding posts a fascinating discussion by The Fall's Mark E. Smith about how running his band is like managing England's national football team. Err, ok.

RBally has live Interpol from London.

Hadn't heard this, but AOL is posting live clips from Bruce Springsteen's current tour in support of his Pete Seeger album. Interesting. Bruce is "hand-picking" one song per show.

Kingblind has several Peel Sessions up today, including from The Smiths (1983), Camera Obscura (2003) and Swervedriver (1990).

Finally, for those of you out there who aren't familiar with Ride, and you know who you are, Chrome Waves has a great post with a bunch of live tracks and album tracks. Go get schooled.


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