Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Devin Davis @ Mercury Lounge, NYC [6/19/06]

I don't think I ever posted it on this site, but one of my ten favorite CDs of 2005 - #8, if memory serves - was Devin Davis' Lonely People of the World, Unite!. It was a wonderful little pop record that also managed to rock when it wanted to. Think two parts Brendan Benson when Jason Faulkner was producing him and one part Neutral Milk Hotel.

As far as I could tell, Davis didn't do much in the way of touring when the album came out last year, so I was pretty excited when I saw that he was coming to New York. Gotta say, I'm surprised how good this show was. Devin supposedly spent 2 years in the studio working on the album, so it's a polished and damn near perfect product. But I wasn't sure how it was going to come across live. Luckily, Davis has put together a damn fine backing band who really help flesh out the songs and bring the rock. Excellent stuff. Hope he comes back soon.

If you haven't heard him before, be sure to check out a couple songs from Lonely People of the World, Unite!:

"Turtle and the Flightless Bird"

"The Choir Invisible"

And go buy the album if you like what you hear.


At 8:31 AM, Blogger jerry yeti said...

He played CMJ (with band) and then came through in November (solo). One of my favorite albums of the year also, he wasn't very good solo -but his voice was overly strained and it didn't have the fullness to rock out.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Steve said...

Really? Wow. Not sure how I missed that CMJ show. I vaguely remember the solo show, but think I was out of town at the time. From your comments and one over at Brooklynvegan, I'm kinda glad I missed that one!


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