Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So Many Words, So Little to Say

Wrapping up this boring Wednesday afternoon:

Your, my, our, his, her, their, its and grandma's favorite sight-impaired monarch has three mid-profile album leaks today from the Futureheads, Phoenix and Gnarls Barkley.

Speaking of that third group, I hereby promise never to mention them again. Too much buzz, too little of any real musical interest.

The same goes for this Lily Allen person. That "LDN" song? Bloody awful. And, seriously, guys, if this is what you consider to be "smokin' hot", you need new glasses. I believe the Brits have a word for it, and I believe that word is "chav".

Tickets for the "Alice in Chains" show at the Bowery [Tues., May 23] go on sale via Ticketweb next Wednesday at noon. You'll need a password, though, for the privilege of seeing Jerry Cantrell, Mike Inez, Sean Kinney and some dude who ain't Layne Staley.

Tickets for the Buzzcocks at Irving on Monday, June 12th, are on sale now.

Holy crap is this song by the Appleseed Cast good: "Family In the Hallways". (Via My Old Kentucky Blog.) I owned a few of their earlier albums but lost track sometime around 2002-ish. I just ordered this album on the strength of this song alone.

The Late Greats has a live Josh Ritter show from Chicago last month here.

Oh, and if you're wondering if The Gaskets, i.e. the band mentioned in the Ryan Schreiber/Pitchfork article the other day, truly are the next Arcade Fire, well, the answer is a resounding NO. (Link via I Rock I Roll.)

PS: Yeah, I have no idea who those dudes in the picture are. But I can tell you that the city is Cincinnati. Let the Wednesday excitement continue unabated.


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