Thursday, May 11, 2006

Quiet Day

Sorry if things have been slower than usual around here the last day or so... Aside from some things picking up at work, I've been spending most of my spare time working on a business plan for a new venture I'm starting with a couple of friends, as well as working on pre-drafting a patent application. If you thought doing your taxes was a pain in the ass, you've clearly never seen a patent application. What a ridiculous process.

Anyway, while I'm here I figured I'd drop a couple quick things on you:

Heather at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends stays on her recent tear with links to a great Nirvana show from 1991.

An Aquarium Drunkard spotlights an artist named Ben Weaver with three unmastered songs from his forthcoming album. AD refers to him as a "low-fi Steve Earle," and I tend to agree with that analysis.

Good news for me -- ACL Fest Rumors reports that five more bands have confirmed for September's Austin City Limits festival, including Marah, Calexico, Kings of Leon, Nada Surf and Phoenix. I'm thrilled about Marah and Calexico. And while I don't count myself a fan of the other three, all are good catches for the festival and worth checking out. Oh, and word is that the official "full" lineup will now be released next Thursday, May 18th. A few acts I'd like to see added? Wilco, Ryan Adams, Long Winters, Lucero, Serena Maneesh, The Brokedown, The Whigs and Band of Horses. All would fit the ACL mold, and would be great additions.

More soon, I promise, including a live Teenage Fanclub show from 1991.


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