Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Quick Roundup

Despite most bloggers' downtime over the weekend, including my own, there was surprisingly little of interest around the web today. Maybe things will pick up as the week goes on. Then again, this is my first summer as a blogger -- maybe summer's as slow for bloggers as it (usually) is for lawyers?

The good stuff:

Bradley's Almanac provides the best exception to the rule, posting two great live sets today, one from The Twilight Singers and one from The Wedding Present in 1988. I've liked this site quite a bit for a while, but it's been on a fantastic tear lately with good live shows, and it's near the top of my list right now.

Torr has several b-sides from the latest Delays album. Still no word when it's coming out here, but if you liked Faded Seaside Glamour, I suggest you go order the new disc from Amazon UK.

Following up on my ACL Fest 2004 pics from before, one of my favorite sets that weekend was from My Morning Jacket. Captain's Dead has another MMJ set from Austin, but this time on the Austin City Limits tv show,

Moroccan Role has another new Long Winters song called "Teaspoon." Don't love it, but I'll keep listening. Apparently promo CDs are showing up in mailboxes now. If you or anyone you love knows the Long Winters, tell 'em to send a copy my way!

So Much Silence has the recent Walkmen show from NPR up in individual MP3s.

And, on a sad (but not entirely unexpected) note, official word comes from Colin Meloy that Petra Haden has left The Decemberists. Too bad. She's damn cute, has a hell of a voice, and plays a mean violin. The word from Colin:

"it's an amicable thing; we still are friends. For one thing, we initially had asked her to come aboard as a touring musician for just the Picaresque tours. We hadn't really expected to take her on as a full-time part of the band. There was some talk about that happening, but in the end, after the tours were over and we were back in the comforts of our homes it didn't necessarily still make sense".
PS: I didn't see it, but apparently The Learning Channel (or someone) did a show about "The Man Whose Arms Exploded." I believe that's him in the picture. I need to see that show.


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