Friday, May 12, 2006

New Tunes Tuesday... on Friday

There's a bunch of interesting new tunage floating around the ether right now. Take thyself a listen.

The Keene Brothers: I mentioned a few weeks back that Robert Pollard and Tommy Keene - together, the Keene Brothers - have an album coming out this month called Blues and Boogie Shoes. The first full tracks from the album have leaked, and holy crap are they good. Go to Obscure Sound to check out "Death of a Party" and "Island of Lost Lucys", then go order the disc at Luna Records.

Radiohead: A number of sites have been posting audio from some recent Radiohead shows, including some new tracks the band has been playing. I finally took a listen to a couple - "4 Minute Warning" and "15 Step" - at The Rawking Refuses to Stop today, and I'm glad I did. I like the first song quite a bit, and the second one doesn't suck. So they're already way ahead of Kid A in my book. Rumors are abound that the band will be making an ACL Fest appearance. We'll see.

Silversun Pickups: Another in the growing list of my favorite young bands, the Silversun Pickups have a new album coming out on July 25th called Carnavas. They've started streaming a few new songs at their MySpace page, and they're great. Be sure to check them out.

Tim Easton: There was a period of time a few years back when Tim Easton was getting a ton of buzz as the next big thing in alt-country singer-songwriter-dom. I bought his album The Truth About Us mainly because his backing band on the song was Jay Bennett, John Stirratt and Ken Coomer of Wilco, but never really got into it. Then I kinda forgot about him. Well, he's back, and he's starting to pick up some buzz again. And, I'll be damned, I really like his new song, "Dear Old Song and Dance". (Link via Large Hearted Boy.)

You can also listen to two more songs off his new album, Ammunition, at New West Records' website.


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