Monday, May 01, 2006

MySpace Spotlight

One of the benefits of having a MySpace page is having MySpace friends. While the majority of my friends are bands or other blogs that I like and decided to approach, there are two bands (so far) that have come to me and asked me to be their friend. In both cases they're bands that I'd never heard before, but it turns out that both are quite good. And I figure if I like 'em, you might too. Check them out:

Otter Petter

Otter Petter is a 5-piece band from Chicago who remind me a lot of the Fountains of Wayne. They currently have one ep available[BUY], and are working on a full length LP which should see release later this year.

"From the Beginning"
"Let Go"
"Winter Days"

Think About Life

Think About Life is yet another band from Montreal, Quebec. Thankfully, though, they sound almost nothing like the other bands from their hometown. If pressed, I'd call them the bastard child of Bloc Party, Liars and TV On the Radio. They're currently touring with Japanther, and start a short tour with Art Brut next week, including both shows at the Knitting Factory here in New York on 5/17 and 5/18. I'll be at one of 'em.

"Paul Cries"
"Snowee Caterpillars"


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