Monday, May 08, 2006

Just A Couple Things

While I was listening to last week, I heard what I can only describe as the happiest little pop song I'd heard in months. I checked out the station's playlist and saw that it was a song called "Kate" by a band called Sambassadeur.
I meant to look around and find out what I could about them , but I never got around to it.

Then, over the last few days, I started seeing the band's name popping up all over the place. As of this afternoon, the band is up to #7 on, which is pretty impressive for a band I'd never heard of a week ago. [Beirut is currently #1, by the way.]

So before I fall even further behind the rest of the kids, I figured it was about time I posted some songs. I know nothing about the band other than that they're from Sweden. Based on that fact, I would deduce that they're influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen and Joey Tempest. Check 'em out:

"Between the Lines"
"One Last Remark"
"New Moon"

They also have another song at their MySpace page.

And while I have you, go check out an incredibly interesting Beatles post over at Marathon Packs. As I mentioned to a friend, this is the type of thing that MP3 Blogs exist for.


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