Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Guns n' Roses @ Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC [5/15/06]

As I mentioned the other day, I've come into possession of a live recording of last Monday's Guns n' Roses show from last Monday, May 15th. I was at the show, and discussed it last week. All in all, I thought it was an excellent show and a good sign of things to come for the band.

Now you can hear for yourself. Due to the size, I'll be posting this in several installments, and I won't be leaving the links up for long. I haven't heard any complaints from the band's management about the live audio and video which can be found all across the web, so I have no reason to believe that they'd have a problem with this, but I do know that the band is very protective of its music, so I'm proceeding carefully. If anyone with decisionmaking power wants this removed, contact me at the email address on the left.

And I'll also implore you to purchase Chinese Democracy when it comes out in, err, December. I'd link to a pre-order page, but, well, you understand. They don't exist.

This first installment is a short one, designed mainly to see the effect on my bandwidth:


"Welcome to the Jungle"
"It's So Easy"
"Mr. Brownstone"
"Live and Let Die"
Ron Thal (Bumblefoot) solo


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