Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Eric Bachmann's Fingers Now Appear to Be Straight

CMJ (yes, they do still exist) reports that Eric Bachmann is set to release his debut "solo" album, To The Races, on August 22nd on Saddle Creek Records. You can hit CMJ for the full 10-song tracklist.

No explanation is given for why Bachmann has decided to ditch the Crooked Fingers moniker this time out, although CMJ does cryptically state that the new album "is to be a departure from his 2005 LP, Dignity And Shame..."

Does that mean it's closer to the slower, more dirge-y songs on the first few CF discs, or is this something altogether different? If they know, CMJ ain't telling. I suppose you could take a guess, though, based on the tidbits that:

(a) Bachmann wrote the album while living in the back of his touring van; and
(b) He'll be doing a co-headlining tour in the fall with Richard Buckner.

Survey says... it's wrist-slittin' music.

Personally, I'm still waiting for him to do an album of Neil Diamond covers.


At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Matt said...

Judging from the last few solo shows, he definitely seems to be headed in an acoustic singer-songwriter direction. Hell, Carrboro Woman is basically a Townes Van Zandt tribute. The new songs he played at SXSW were all excellent, so maybe it will prove to be a nice change of pace after the more pop-oriented D&S. That said....what the hell's he doing on Saddle Creek???? What about Merge? Saw him hanging out with Mac et. al. in Austin, so don't think there's any loss of friendship or anything there. Still, kinda odd.


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