Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cordalene, The Star Ledger

As I've mentioned previously, Philadelphia's Cordalene have a new album coming out on June 13th on Dalloway Records called The Star Ledger.

If you haven't heard Cordalene yet, now's your chance -- The Star Ledger is now streaming at the band's site.

And I gotta tell ya -- it's fantastic, and easily one of my favorite albums of the year. As much as I liked the band's two early Blue and Red EPs, this blows them out of the water. It's a much more mature, expansive effort than those early EPs, yet at the same time it retains the band's traditional energy and charm. Seriously, do yourself a solid and go take a listen.

And if you're in Philly, be sure to catch the band's CD release show at Spirit Wind Studio next Saturday, June 10th. Hopefully they'll be coming to NYC soon...


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